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Modern Laser Treatments

04 February 2011 - 11:36 | View : 4052
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The use of laser for beauty treatments are now growing rapidly in line with the increasing number of fans. In addition to satisfying results, treatments with laser is also very popular because the process is relatively quick and does not cause injury after treatments. Currently, many types of laser exist on the market for cosmetic procedures in the clinic or the salon. But the quality is different. Patients may feel frustrated because there are no results from their treatments. In some cases, some patients will be disappointed because their skin is actually damaged. Thus, not every laser treatments center can give us the results we want.

Safe, Fast and Effective

One of the leading clinics providing laser treatments in Jakarta is Jean Yip Beauty & Slimming Indonesia. Our laser treatments use the best lasers made in the USA, which will undoubtedly produce fantastic results. We offer several laser treatments, including:

Hair Removal

This treatments removes hair permanently. The laser effectively destroys the hair follicles that are still actively growing, without damaging the surrounding dermis and epidermis. The treatments can be used on the face and on other parts of the body, such as the bikini line, under arms, legs, back and stomach. For optimal results, treatment can be done in 5-6 times, with treatments once or twice a month.

Vascular Lesions

This highly efficient laser treatment is used to detect vascular anomalies or blood vessels. Through the use of bright light, this technology is certainly able to work effectively without damaging the layer of skin in the surrounding areas. The laser treatment is effectively treat skin problems such as teleangiektasi, hemangioma, port wein stain, spider angioma and varicose veins. For optimal results, treatment can be done in 5-6 times, with treatment once or twice a month.

Skin Tightening

Intended to tighten skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and sagging skin. With the right parameters, this laser works by heating the collagen in the dermis layer and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen that makes skin tight again. Treatment can be performed on the face or other body areas such as neck and stomach. Optimal results can be achieved within approximately 3-5 months.

Skin Rejuvenation

This treatment works to rejuvenate the skin because the skin of older people will experience changes such as brown spots, vascular abnormalities and loss of skin elasticity. With this treatment, the collagen tissue will be stimulated to grow back fully. Treatment can be performed on the face or other body parts. Optimal results can be achieved in about 3-5 months, with treatments once or twice a month.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers for our laser treatments, we invite you to come visit us for a consultation, absolutely FREE

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